Easily Manage Your Sublime Text Package Overrides

What is OverrideAudit?

OverrideAudit is the missing tool for working with and managing your package overrides in Sublime Text 3. From simply helping you remember what you've overridden to warning you of potential problems, OverrideAudit has you covered.

Find your Overrides

If you're a customization junkie, OverrideAudit can help you find those Overrides you might not even know you made.

Expired Override Detection

OverrideAudit automatically lets you know if one of your overrides is out of date, so you can make sure you're not missing out on important changes.

Comprehensive Reports

Use Reports to quickly get an overview of your packages, the overrides they contain, and the modifications they're making to your packages.

Examine Differences

Check what changes your overrides are providing, one at a time or for whole packages at once to get a quick overview.

Work with Overrides

From making additional changes in existing overrides to removing them entirely, override operations are a snap.

Work Safe

OverrideAudit helps you to find problem overrides before they become a problem, keeping Sublime working in tip top shape.


Get Started

OverrideAudit is available via Package Control, the de facto source of the Sublime Text package ecosystem. Simply select the Install Package command and select OverrideAudit from the list of packages to install it.

The first thing OverrideAudit will do once it's installed is check to see if you have any out of date (or as OverrideAudit calls them, Expired) overrides. If you have any, a report will be created to show you what they are so that you can decide how to proceed.

This check is done automatically every time you upgrade a package or even Sublime Text itself. From the generated report, you can open the context menu on packages, overrides and even the report itself to gain access to the OverrideAudit commands that apply to each item.

The OverrideAudit documentation includes a walk-through for new OverrideAudit users, showing you all of the things that OverrideAudit can do to help keep your Sublime experience Sublime.


OverrideAudit is licensed under the MIT License, fully open source and freely available. It is available for all platforms supported by Sublime Text 3, and operates identically regardless of platform.

This web theme was designed by UX designer Xiaoying Riley at 3rd Wave Media and is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC BY 3.0)


If you encounter any issues or have any feature requests for OverrideAudit, please feel free to create an issue on the Issue Tracker.

For general comments, questions or discussion about OverrideAudit, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter (@OdatNurd) or get in touch by email. I am also very active on the Sublime Text Forum.

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